True Tea

Sachai means “truth” in Hindi. We remain true to Indian culture, authentic in product and transparent in operation. 

Sachai is a Birmingham, AL based tea company that specializes in quality loose leaf tea from Indian tea gardens, as well as authentic Indian chai. We are a husband and wife tea team duo, that are passionate about supporting tea growers in India who strive to produce honest, quality tea on honest, ethical gardens.


Meet the owners

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Clint and Rebecca both grew up in cultures of tea drinking. Clint was brought up in Mississippi, drinking southern sweet tea, whereas Rebecca grew up drinking chai in southern India. Sweet tea and masala chai are diverse beverages. One is had iced from gallon sized pitchers, while the other is steeped in milk with a variety of spices and typically served hot, but their base is identical, their root is the same tea leaf. The outcome just depends on the pot they were put in.

Clint and Rebecca have a similar story. Different cultures, perspective, languages, but the same heart. We are a family, we love tea and the connection it gives us to India and people who’s livelihood is in tea, we are committed to the ethics and values the Kingdom of God demands us to hold as business

Elevate the tea farmer.
Empower the tea worker.
Educate the tea drinker.
Encourage an authentic enjoyment of quality tea.