We returned to the US a week ago. Two months of exploring, learning and being loved on by family was not easy to leave behind. Our dream for Sachai has grown and evolved very significantly over the past couple months of being exposed to the tea industry and visiting places and people involved  in the industry.

We started the tea company by making homemade chai (tea and spices) concentrate that can be served at both cafes and at home. After visiting tea farms (Nilgiri’s and Darjeeling) and making contacts with estates and smaller farms we now would like to source (specialty) loose leaf tea wholesale to Cafe’s, organizations, work places (businesses) etc. Specialty tea is produced from hand plucked tea leaves, it takes hundreds of kilograms of freshly cut tea leaves to produce a small bag (10 ounces) of specialty tea. It is produced through hard labor and is so worth all the effort that goes into it. It requires no flavoring or blending, its authentic flavor is best tasted when steeped and consumed without adding milk or sugar.

The vision for Sachai tea company has come a long way and we hope that it will grow into many things and expand as we try to penetrate this industry. Our time in India revealed the abusive system that exists in the industry, like any industry that has a high demand and people around who are vulnerable, the tea industry for a couple centuries has taken over lands and peoples lives in India. Tea workers are the labor force behind high quality tea and yet they are the least recognized or rewarded. The name and reward is claimed by the corporation and the estates.

As Sachai pursues wholesale/sourcing specialty tea it is also paving the path for us to live in a tea region in india and bring the kingdom of God to this industry. The solution to decades of oppression and spiritual darkness in these regions is the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God must come and penetrate peoples lives, their work and the oppressive industry that they work in.

India is  our home and we are praying that we will be able to return soon to live and serve there. 

Some prayer requests for Sachai:

We will be able to build relationships with our connections and follow up with each of them.

Whole sale accounts with cafes, businesses to sell loose leaf tea.

Figure out a way to bottle and ship Chai concentrate efficiently.

Initial financial investment into the business, website, advertisement.

Continued passion for workers in the tea industry.

Clint Denson